Package joeq.Compiler.Analysis.FlowInsensitive

Interface Summary

Class Summary
MethodSummary MethodSummary
MethodSummary.AccessPath Encodes an access path.
MethodSummary.BuildMethodSummary Visitor class to build an intramethod summary.
MethodSummary.CallSite Represents a particular call site in a method.
MethodSummary.CheckCastNode A CheckCastNode refers to the result of a CheckCast instruction
MethodSummary.ConcreteObjectNode A ConcreteObjectNode refers to an object that we discovered through reflection.
MethodSummary.ConcreteTypeNode A ConcreteTypeNode refers to an object with a concrete type.
MethodSummary.FieldNode A FieldNode represents the result of a 'load' instruction.
MethodSummary.GlobalNode A GlobalNode stores references to the static variables.
MethodSummary.InsideEdgeNavigator Represents a field edge between two nodes.
MethodSummary.MethodSummaryBuilder Helper class to output method summary in dot graph format.
MethodSummary.OutsideNode An outside node is some node that can be mapped to other nodes.
MethodSummary.ParamNode A ParamNode represents an incoming parameter.
MethodSummary.PassedParameter Represents a particular parameter passed to a particular method call.
MethodSummary.PlaceholderNode A PlaceholderNode is used to signify an object that is out-of-scope.
MethodSummary.ReturnedNode A ReturnedNode represents a return value or thrown exception from a method call.
MethodSummary.ReturnValueNode A ReturnValueNode represents the return value of a method call.
MethodSummary.State Records the state of the intramethod analysis at some point in the method.
MethodSummary.ThrownExceptionNode A ThrownExceptionNode represents the thrown exception of a method call.
MethodSummary.UnknownTypeNode A UnknownTypeNode refers to an object with an unknown type.
ReflectionInformationProvider.CribSheetReflectionInformationProvider This implementation of ReflectionInformationProvider reads answers from a file.
SummaryToTuples SummaryToTuples Definition of domains: V: Variables.

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