Class ReachabilityTracerApp

  extended by joeq.Compiler.Analysis.IPSSA.IPSSABuilder.Application
      extended by joeq.Compiler.Analysis.IPSSA.Apps.ReachabilityTracerApp
All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
ReachabilityTracerApp.IPSSAReachabilityTracerApp, ReachabilityTracerApp.PAReachabilityTracerApp

public abstract class ReachabilityTracerApp
extends IPSSABuilder.Application

$Id: 2002 2004-10-16 04:13:11Z joewhaley $
V.Benjamin Livshits This is a sample application that prints all paths between two definitions. Use one of the subclasses that rely on different sources for def-use data.
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Nested Class Summary
static class ReachabilityTracerApp.IPSSAReachabilityTracerApp
          This is one that works on IPSSA.
static class ReachabilityTracerApp.PAReachabilityTracerApp
          This one uses PA results directly.
Field Summary
protected  String _def1_str
protected  String _def2_str
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Method Summary
protected  void parseParams(String[] argv)
protected abstract  void printPath(String def1_str, String def2_str)
          This will be added by implementations.
 void run()
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Field Detail


protected String _def1_str


protected String _def2_str
Method Detail


protected abstract void printPath(String def1_str,
                                  String def2_str)
This will be added by implementations.


protected void parseParams(String[] argv)
Specified by:
parseParams in class IPSSABuilder.Application


public void run()
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run in interface Runnable
Specified by:
run in class IPSSABuilder.Application

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