General questions about joeq

General questions about joeq
What are the advantages of using joeq for my research?
  1. It supports multiple compilers and multiple languages, so you can perform your research on a wider variety of programs.
  2. It is implemented in Java, leading to fast (and comparatively painless) development.
  3. It is easily portable to new systems. (See #2, above.)
  4. It is being actively worked on and improved.
  5. It was designed by a single person, leading to a clean and uniform design.
  6. It was designed specifically with compiler and virtual machine research in mind.
  7. It is open source under the LGPL.
What are the disadvantages of using joeq for my research?
  1. The system is only an alpha release, and therefore still very young and buggy.
  2. The system is largely maintained by a single person, which hurts support.
Sounds great! How can I get involved in joeq?

You can start by downloading joeq and trying it out! You should also look over the project documentation.

We are always looking for people to help out --- there's plenty of work that needs to be done! Check the Help Wanted section of the SourceForge web site for more information.