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Uses of MethodSummary.FieldNode in joeq.Compiler.Analysis.FlowInsensitive

Methods in joeq.Compiler.Analysis.FlowInsensitive that return MethodSummary.FieldNode
static MethodSummary.FieldNode MethodSummary.FieldNode.get(MethodSummary.Node base, jq_Field f, ProgramLocation obj)
static MethodSummary.FieldNode st)
static MethodSummary.FieldNode MethodSummary.FieldNode.unify(jq_Field f, Set s)
          Returns a new FieldNode that is the unification of the given set of FieldNodes.

Methods in joeq.Compiler.Analysis.FlowInsensitive with parameters of type MethodSummary.FieldNode
 boolean MethodSummary.Node.addAccessPathEdge(jq_Field m, MethodSummary.FieldNode n)
          Add the given successor node on the given field to the outside edge set.
protected  void MethodSummary.BuildMethodSummary.heapLoad(Set result, MethodSummary.Node base, jq_Field f, MethodSummary.FieldNode fn)
          Abstractly perform a heap load operation on the given base and field with the given field node, putting the result in the given set.
 boolean MethodSummary.Node.removeAccessPathEdge(jq_Field m, MethodSummary.FieldNode n)
          Remove the given successor node on the given field from the outside edge set.

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